Qualifying on the job -Taygen’s got it sorted

Introducing Taygen, 25 years old currently living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, He is currently in his first year of his Light Fabrication Engineering here at RBM Engineering.

At the age of 19 he left home and joined the military, seeking a challenge. He spent  five years in the New Zealand Army, where he was lucky enough to deploy overseas to Iraq for 6 months. The army tested Taygen both mentally and physically.

Soon after he returned from his deployment he was looking for another challenge. Which is where his journey with the RBM Engineering family began.

After a year with RMB Engineering we approached Taygen with the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship. With his drive and willingness to learn Taygen is proving to be a perfect candidate for the apprenticeship programme.

So why is he working on his apprenticeship with RBM? He didn’t just want to go to any old company and go though themotions day in day out, he was looking for that brotherhood similar to the army, he also wanted to surround himself with like-minded people that know the balance of working hard and having fun.

“Enjoying your workplace is the key in learning in any trade”states Taygen.